rocket material

One thing I remember is that, on a sunny early afternoon, I was on a (maybe former) military base, a small one that was sort of just a large plaza-sized concrete plane with some equipment on it and maybe some buildings around it, and a bustle of people, so that maybe it was in a city. We were supposed to take part in the launch of a mid-sized rocket, about the size of a military rocket, I suppose, but needed materials for it, so we found some old copper pipes running vertically along a wall on the west side of the space and shaved copper off of the pipes; a large hole in the side of one of the pipes emerged; it was several inches wide and high, and there were small smooth stones, as from a riverbed, in it. Somehow my mouth got full of the stones, and I had to pull them out a bunch at a time, but they seemed to be almost endless and it took a while to clean my mouth out entirely.

Another thing is that there was a staircase, going up toward the south, maybe in a building on the south edge of the military base, and lit by indirect daylight from the north; on the east side of the staircase was a series of small bedrooms connected to it, with, oddly, smallish windows between them, and each room was diagonally up from the next, following the slope of the staircase.

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