step towers

I had a rather exciting architectural vision in one dream scene last night, after visiting Williams IRL during the day: Mission Hall had been rebuilt as four cool gray concrete smallish towers, maybe identical, square in plan, with their walls stepped back a bit from one story to the next, just by a few inches. There was a fair amount of space in between adjacent towers, and there were shallow steps of the same concrete in between them, the steps of the same dimensions as those of the walls, just laid flat into the ground. The steps went down from each tower and so those from adjacent towers met in valleys; with a staggered layout of the towers in plan, this made for an interesting ground pattern. It was a sunny morning, the sun shining brightly on the buildings and the ground. I had biked thither, eastward on a winding asphalt road through light woods, after some logistical confusion on whether I should bike the whole way there, since I might be needing the bike later in another spot.

Another scene was at nighttime; there was a multifloor semi-open-walled woodshop building, dimly lit by warm area lights, like candlelight; friends of mine working on different things on different floors. Outside, the ground seemed to rise up in cliffs right around the north, east, and south sides of the building, a bit lower on the south side than on the north and east, with an outlook over the lower ground, level with the building’s ground floor, to the west. The building was connected to the areas of high ground by short bridges, and I emerged out over one of the bridges and checked out the surroundings.

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