airport times

The lengthy scene or family of scenes I remember from last night took place largely in what was ostensibly an airport, which seemed to have more floors than usual for an airport. I was walking all around its corridors with Hancock friends and, later, WU friends, for an extended period of time, punctuated by stopping at certain places inside or outside. Inside the airport there was lots of daylight coming from the glazing on the north side of the building. One of the places we went to was a boarding gate, but it was a long outside deck sloped down toward the plane, with theater-like seating facing down the slope, so that it was almost auditorium-like, but it was only a few meters wide. The plane itself, meanwhile, seems to have been more like a ship or a huge bus in its verticality. At another point, I was talking to one of my friends who was working in a kitchen within the building, through a service window. We landed (having taken a plane, or maybe having just smoothly moved there) in England in winter two times, once in an anonymous city and the next time in London, but both times were almost identical situations: I was walking west along the shore of the seaport, which faced the sea to the north, at evening twilight, where there was a thinnish layer of soggy but clean snow on the ground. The seawall angled around to the north a ways ahead, to accommodate a spit of land.

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