Monthly Archives: August 2009

gray times

From last night, I have just a scattered recollection of some vignettes happening within the same overall setting. It was a gray winter day, sort of melty, like March. One continuing topic was Michael Jackson’s house in Hancock; it was unclear whether it was his main house or a secondary place; we kept hearing second-hand about efforts to keep it safe from looters and paparazzi. This was being discussed at one point when I was walking with a group of people south and then east downhill a turning road with an open view out to the south. At another point, I was riding in a minivan, in the middle seat, and watching a TV documentary/interview with a married couple who had met one another while trying to get the same position at maybe a government agency. But they were actually just sitting in the back seat of the minivan, being interviewed by someone out of my view. On I think the same ride, we were driving on a dirt road through the woods; we passed North Road, which was on the left, and realized we were supposed to turn off there, so we turned around and went back, overshooting once again, possibly on purpose, and then we turned around again. On a side road to the left that we passed before North Rd, I saw an extremely short man — almost just a head — in a bowler hat, walking a dog on a leash while rolling on a small wheeled platform.

At a different point, when it was nighttime and was deep fresh winter cold, I arrived home with my parents, and the stars were extremely bright, even though one of the outside lights was on.

catching trains

The night before last, I had a recurring dream scene, although it was multiple instances of a similar situation over time, not an actual loop: I had to catch a 6:02 AM subway train, seemingly part of the NYC system, to get to a dentist appointment at 6:30. The station had a curious ticket-vending machine (or multiple ones) where tickets were dispensed from a segmented rolling metal belt, rather like a metal baggage-claim belt but with smaller segments, and with the belt lying flat at about chest level. The trains came through right on the same level as the ticket machine(s) and the entrance; the entrance was to the west, and the trains ran along the east edge on a curve. The tracks and overhead space for the trains seemed diminutive. The vicinity of the station was a large road in forest in winter.

  • I just missed it the first time and had to reschedule for next day; my parents were unpleased.
  • The next time, I bought a ticket from the machine, but train was delayed by about a half hour, according to the PA announcements, which would have made me late for the appointment, so I had to bump it again.
  • Perhaps after that time, I was walking back to where I was staying, which seemed to be a multi-room cabin, trailing behind a group of people, and some muggers casually walked in front of me and demanded my watch on pain of stabbies. I fumblingly took the watch off and handed it to them, but since it wasn’t a valuable watch, they gave it back to me and were really quite considerate about it. Just to be safe, I paid them off with some of the bills in my wallet once I got back to the cabin, since they had followed me and the group there, and they departed.
  • The third attempt at catching the train was after either a night out or a night spent working on school with friends, but at any rate a late night; we were coming back, and I realized that I had to catch the train right then, since it was almost 6. I ran to the station and crossed the depressed track run (which seemed to be the actual proper way to get to the far platform) to the very tight platform space, which also had some cubby-like seating alcoves in one spot. I got on the train, hoping to be able to buy my ticket on the train.

white airship

  • From maybe a clearing or a road where several people were, a policeman led me north through the woods on a wooden platform elevated a fair distance above the ground. It led to his family’s home, a cabin on a hillside sloping up away from us, still in the middle of the woods. The cabin was constructed of rough unpainted wood also, and we entered it from the open area underneath. The one-room interior was stepped to follow the hill’s slope, and it had windows all around. His family was all outside on the uphill side of the house, in a sunny clearing, where there was maybe a garden too. I really liked the cabin and its surroundings.
  • It was evening twilight at Manchester Airport; I was with maybe one or two other people eating dinner, and I had a view of the city skyline to the north. An airship appeared, coming in for a landing. But its hull was actually shaped like a water ship, and its air chamber extended up from around the edge of the hull. The airship was all white, and it was moving surprisingly fast, coming in from the east and eventually landing out of sight.


I was with a group of people in a Vermont-like place with woods and small fields and a long body of water to the east and south as we went on a walk out to about 2 miles beyond our home base; there was high afternoon sun shining down within the clearing that seemed to be our destination. There. there was a layer of trees between the clearing and the water, and a bench on the edge of the clearing nearest the water, where some of us sat down. I returned home to get my camera; the camera had been replaced by Canon by different white camera, to my chagrin. At this point I was actually at home in NH. There had been clearing across the road, east of the house, revealing a grassy slope way down toward maybe the same body of water as before. To the left as I looked out my bedroom window, the water came in close to the house and the land dropped sharply, pretty much vertically in a short stretch, to meet it. Beyond that I could see a dock and boathouses belonging to our neighbors; the boathouses were light yellow, matching the neighbors’ house (as it is IRL).

Later, after I woke up and fell back asleep, I dreamt that I was here in STL and continual rain was preventing me from moving my desk chair to studio, which was an RL concern but worked out.

tub translocation

I only now remember there being a hot tub that was inside, but then later it was outside, and it had maybe multiple chambers (36? j/k >:P) and in the large chamber were a number of people who were walking in a circle to create a whirlpool, or at least were talking about doing so; when the hot tub was inside it was morning, but when it was outside it was a stark sunny afternoon, and the view was out to the sea in the east.

road float

It was a gray afternoon; I was on the upper portion of Antrim Rd, south of the home stretch, and it was flooded, maybe from clearcutting that had happened on the lot on the east side. There was lots of water flowing down the road, and I floated down it, rather serenely, thinking about how Flood could be a good band name (not an unprecedented thought). I approached our field (on the west side of the road) and beheld the fire department bucketing water (just launching the water from the buckets) thence over to the field to the east, which had quite a view out to the northeast distance through the single row of trees next to the road. I arrived in the backyard and had to move a plug for the office phone from the outside outlet it was in (near the yard’s fence) to another outlet, and other things ensued that I have forgotten.

Norway morning

The only thing I recall is staying in, seemingly, Norway, on an east-facing seashore, in one of a group of cabins. On one morning, partly softly clouded, the cabin I was in was actually part of a larger building, with windows into a kitchen to the west and out to a deck to the north, and with the cabin’s roof being absent and the kitchen only partially roofed. I was just getting out of bed and was surprised by a cleaner at the door. I then saw that other people were in the kitchen.

water walk

Alright just a quick post because it’s bedtime again, but anyway, one scene was on a fallish altrostratus afternoon, at a smallish pond in Hancock, approximately circular and about the size of a public pool, northwest out of town just a ways up 123, on the north side of the road, with wooded hills surrounding it on all sides except for the exit to the road, where more light was coming through. I was swimming there, as were others; then I noticed people standing on the water surface; I was able to do the same and also walked and ran over the water; the surface tension felt like a pudding skin. Another scene was on a cloudy day at a house, approached from the west, in a field surrounded by woods but with the woods quite distant to the east; the family living there produced ice cream, which sat in numerous semi-frozen deposits around the yard, each of a different flavor. There were several people around. I took some ice cream from one of the piles to have at home.

weed intentions

OK quickly it was a sunny, fresh late morning on a grassy area, with some asphalt paving, sloping to the south with views out to the south and east and some woods to the northwest; some youths just to the east of me were talking about smoking some weed, and then a few people I knew came up to me and I jokingly mentioned the weedy conversation of the nearby youths. One of the guys I was talking to then suggested we do the same, and I dismissed the idea, but the rest of them went away (up the slope) to smoke. I went down some stairs around a drum-shaped tower, about a story high, just to the south, and then more things happened that I’ve forgotten.

class starts

The scene I remember seems to have been in some sort of semi-inside-semi-outside place, maybe actually fully outside, but with trees overhanging and paved ground, and buildings around, plus a raised area rather like a stage, but surrounded by retaining walls, on a gray day. Things happened such as (1) me waking up after 11AM on a Thursday, thinking in a panic that I was missing the first session of one of my fall WU classes, but then realizing that classes didn’t start until the next week; (2) Neal, having had the same experience, confirming with me that classes didn’t start that day; (3) a lot of almost-recognizable and one or two known people arriving and sitting in an array of seats as I looked on with some friends; the people turned out to be in some sort of Greek-lettered science honor society.