• I was writing practice copy in large letters (for a website? maybe a pamphlet? related to the place) in a shortgrass slope with stick; the grass parted just slightly. There was a flat grass way extending ahead to the right toward the south, and there was a higher bank of land on the left toward the east, possibly separating the area where I was from body of water. I talked there also with one of my friends about some classmates’ trip from northwestern Turkey through the Balkans and toward northern Europe. It was maybe partially high overcast but with some blue sky.
  • I was chatting with Helsinki classmates seemingly in the kitchen in Hancock.
  • Members of a largish band, maybe also documentary narrators, were practicing a scuzzy bluesy tune on a stage, from my fairly near POV partially obscured by curtains, then two or three of the bandmembers went to sleep on parked motorcycles in front of a low wall in a dim room lit diffusely by a brightly illuminated incandescent light area at the southern end of the room.
  • I was walking west through a city at night to an exhibit that I wanted to see maybe for the purpose of research; at a street corner or maybe a hallway corner inside the building (it was brightly lit), I went around a scaffolding-like pole to avoid some oncoming Yiddish speakers, who were saying a short phrase, that I’ve forgotten, in English. I got to the slightly sunken level of the exhibit entry and asked one of the receptionists when the new exhibit would be going in, since I had found that the current one was the one I’d already seen. He seemed quite pleased that someone would be e repeat customer. It was somewhat odd to hear him speak American English in such a situation, after a long time in Europe.

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