hypnagogic states

I didn’t remember anything from last night’s short sleep, nor from this afternoon’s long catchup nap (except for a vague recollection of palling around with friends), but I engaged in a rather rewarding new exercise while I was listening to other people’s reviews during studio final review today. To wit: every time I snapped back from momentarily drifting off, I wrote down in my sketchbook what I had started dreaming about. (When I drift off involuntary like that, I’m usually dreaming even while partially conscious.) Here follows the list of things, copied nearly verbatim from my notes [or maybe elaborated a tiny bit]. In some cases I guess I was still too woozy to write clearly, and in those cases I’ll just write down what the letters look like. Each item in the list is from a different driftoff.

  • Nazis
  • deaf people activism
  • old New Orleans jazz family [dynastic intrigue]
  • Ted Kennedy
  • home machinery accident
  • White Stripes
  • gardening (threats)
  • Barri Xino streets
  • wnding abna
  • despact discount store l dlk . .
  • Newt Gingrich
  • fast food restaurant
  • sdbrnurngwlstik, bez
  • a webcomic
  • Ephtown
  • gym cles lob ot vwt .
  • 9/11 and other disasters body count
  • Black Sabbath doing a cover
  • Animal Collective/Grizzly Bear

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