stuff wall

  • One scene was that I was on Duncan Rd in Hancock, on a bright gray day, with a local map, walking home but looking for a slightly different route than the direct one, to explore. On the north side of the road, the driveways were connected by a side road, and I wanted to loop around the side road and back down onto Duncan, but it went deep into one person’s yard and I didn’t want to trespass that blatantly, so I just hung around the sloped lawn of our family friends, who had the first driveway on the side road. They were away on vacation and the house was dark. Then I left and walked up the road toward home, noticing the stand of trees (which I termed a knoll, to myself) bounded by where the road was split into two and how it was a lot smaller and less dense with trees, giving way to a view of the open field beyond across Forest Rd, than in numerous previous dreams I’ve had. (I forget whether this was a lucid realization, but I think it might well have been. I thought of it as a knoll because in previous dreams, it’s been just that, or been at the top of a hill that Duncan Rd goes around.) A group of kids kicking a yellow soccer-sized foam ball came up on me, going in the same direction, as I was pondering the knoll, and I continued on and kicked the ball with them as we kept walking.
  • On a sunny afternoon at home in Hancock, my dad had brought a car into the driveway (maybe a minivan) in front of the front garage (to the northeast of the house), with all sorts of household stuff in it. Later on, the stuff was piled up and lined up against the outside of a steep-sloped greenhouse-like short glass wall that lined the west edge of the kitchen, facing the backyard. I sort of nestled in against the wall in a space between the piles of stuff, in the sun, and it was very pleasant, like the coziness of a couch fort; I reflected on how the line of stuff made the wall into a thick boundary, one of the Fifteen Properties.
  • I was with a group of people at a sidewalk at the east edge, by the northeast corner, of a large parking lot, on a gray day, and we were leaving, and it seems that normally I would have taken transit or walked or something, but for some reason we had to ride in cars in this case, and so people were figuring out carpools, and I got into one after a few minutes.

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