une nuit d’Avignon

The scene I remembered up waking this morning was in Avignon or somewhere else in the south of France, at night. It bore no resemblance though to RL Avignon; it was a city large enough to have a few high-rises, with diffuse settlement reminiscent of the large-scale parts of St. Louis; and just to the west of it was a large body of water, either the sea or the Rhone expanded so much that it stretched to the horizon. I was in a large Victorian-ish house, alone; I had inhabited the second floor and put stuff like my clothes, bedsheets, etc. into several of its rooms, in various configurations. Out the west windows of the house, there was a seemingly tipped-up view out over the city, with one high-rise toward the left, and the sea/river beyond, which was tough to see in the dark, but was a bit illuminated by the moon, which was in the southern sky, out of the window view.

At some point I had gone outside and was running in socks through the gridded big-box zone around me. At a spot in front of one west-facing big box, toward the left side, the ground sloped up toward the building and the wide sidewalk was bounded by the curved outline of the approaching drive. Here I slid or skidded in some kind of fun way to a stop, realizing I needed to go back and put shoes on. A bus drove up and stopped. It was drum-shaped, rounded off at the top edge, with smooth glass all around the outside — no front or back detectable — fully transparent to the brightly but diffusely lit interior. Its hull split slowly into two halves to let passengers off. One, maybe the only one, was an American woman who immediately proceeded to ask some locals, a few of whom were about, in English, with an annoying tone of voice, about the location of nearby streets. She also pronounced the street names quite badly. Immediately after witnessing this, I turned left and headed east, between the aforementioned big box and the one to its south, running down a sloped access road between the unbuilt but illuminated back lots of the buildings. I ended up back in my original area, but at that point, that was the location of a winding logging-road running south-north just inside the edge of an evergreen forest. A few of cars and motorbikes came through northbound on the logging road, all without headlights on, which was annoying because I needed to, and proceeded to, go north on the road as well (to get back to the house?) and had to be extra-vigilant for the not-very-visible vehicles. There was still illumination coming from the big-box lots, though, and that plus the sound of the vehicles made them detectable.

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