• At one point I and maybe some other people were walking up a steep slope toward the north with lowish sun coming from the southwest, maybe on steps or a path, but with most of the slope open grass, maybe with some trees, and with a flat area with an east-west road below and an outlook beyond; then I/we turned the corner (unless this was a different scene, which is possible) under a house with a wide overhanging roof, and continued up the now very steep, rolling grassy slope, going east along the north side of the house, where the roof was supported by posts into the ground. At this point I may have remarked on the previous slope as if I had ascended it at a different time.
  • Later, we were walking back down the slope by the house, except southward, on the west side of the house. We were invited in by the residents, and I think after some intervening piece of the plot, I found myself hesitantly playing guitar in front of a bunch of my classmates in a windowless room illuminated by incandescent light. It was a classical guitar but sounded loudly, as if amplified. I noted to the group that it was difficult to play because of being in front of a crowd and simultaneously being way out of practice; but eventually I was able to find my way with some rather nice and slightly poignant post-punk/jangle-pop chord changes with simple strumming on a couple of strings.
  • Late in the day, with low red sun only up high on buildings, shining from north of west, I was on a turn in a street within a city, with the street turning toward the west and south in opposite directions; there were other streets nearby, one of them maybe visible to the east through a portico of one of the buildings on the street. The buildings were detached but dense, but not very high. I seemed to be rollerblading around in the street, perhaps.
  • At night, some friends and I were walking up a steep slope to the north on an sodium-lit asphalt road, with someone, I think, hurrying the others along to get to our destination.
  • In the shade of a (meridianwise) long building to our west in early afternoon, which had an area to its north surrounded by chain-link fence, with tall evergreens west of the building and the fenced yard, some friends and I were talking about music, and I mentioned how I had become increasingly interested in music that, through its enveloping sonic attributes, has a devotional, spiritual quality, with Loveless the primary example that had brought this thinking to mind (something I’ve thought about IRL a fair amount too).

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