Short sleep yet still a raft of remembered scenes, tending toward visual prettiness:

  • The first was visually neutral, though, but anyway, it had to do with my parents and me visiting the house of some family friends or neighbors to house-sit while they were away; we were talking about some of their problems as we approached the house, walking down some steps into a slightly sunken lawn area, almost moat-like, that encircled the house, which the apparent sound of the kids talking inside made seem suddenly inadvisable. Later we were playing a game of maybe basketball, or at least with some kind of ball on a basketball court, with maybe one of the same kids, and maybe someone such as one of the parents was taking pictures, because we all had to stop and stand still most of the time, it seemed.
  • Perhaps in a connected scene, my parents and I were in Vienna, on the south side of a parterre that had a field of columns over most of it to the north, holding up a roof of some sort, through which one could see the blue sky beyond, and there were white plastic folding chairs in rows all over. We looked at a German-language pamphlet relating to the place, one page of which had a graphic box typeset in Futura and with a mostly red background, with white and black linework and type, which had a classic modern look. Next to it was a little aphorism that was a play on “Peu,” “Päu,” and “päuen,” or something very similar.
  • I was driving apparently east on a road through countryside covered by pure white snow, with the sun high up and to the apparent northeast, but it was 3PM, so my sense of direction was wrong. I went along a turn in the road to the apparent south, where there was a retaining wall on the left side, with the land beyond at a higher level than the road. I was photographing (so maybe I wasn’t actually driving) nearly straight up, capturing scenes with the sun and sky plus the things I was driving by, like the wall and a couple of houses, one of which had a wooden barrel vault visible in the attic through some big windows, lit up by incandescent light, the warmth of which contrasted with the blue daylight.
  • I was walking through the connected upper floors of some connected houses belonging to Hancock families; this route was actually a public way, as I was familiar with it from runs. I emerged from the north into the northeast corner of maybe the same wooden barrel-vaulted room as aforementioned, which had a lot of daylight coming from north and south, maybe from skylights, as the roof ran east-west; I then continued out from the southeast corner, to the east, through a low doorway into a wood-walled stairwell, where I dropped my camera on the stairs, and it tumbled (somewhat slowly, no more than twice as fast as a Slinky) down the 3/4 flight to the landing or floor below, but the stairs and landing were covered by multicolor forgiving foam rubber, so the camera was just fine, thankfully.

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