air walk

Long catchup sleep last night, with several scenes remaining in the foreground once I awoke:

  • This in recollection was vague — I know it was more involved than this — but I remember being on a fairly full bus at night, moving or at least facing south, with some friends also on the bus. Connected, at some other time close by, I was in a cabin, long in the north-south direction, that had large rooms with high ceilings, and it sat on open flat land, with the sun being almost set to the northwest.
  • I was riding in the car with my parents in what seemed like coastal Maine, through a hilly/islandy/riverine landscape with far views of receding hills/islands to the east and west, on a misty early morning with low but bright sun; we were heading northeast and were passing somewhat near my grandparents’ old house, which I tried to spot and photograph. I think I sort of recognized the area where it was but didn’t really see the house itself.
  • Some friends and I were ascending a hiking trail, going east on the south slope of a mountain, in a hardwood forest with some open view out to the south, on a bright cloudy day; we took a photo of ourselves; we continued, or maybe this was a disjoint scene, up to the north, where there was a hogback that was fairly open view for a ways, with grass, before ending in more forest further north.
  • Pondering the fact that it must be dangerous to fly a hot-air balloon near wind farms, with visualization thereof, morphed into a walk that I took through the air high over farm land (with at least one wind turbine) on a gray, cool, sort of misty day, finally alighting, slightly out of control, in a cafeteria or club dining hall of seemingly early-20th-century vintage where students, also seemingly of same vintage, at least in appearance, were getting their meals and eating and socializing at the tables. I landed maybe on a balcony overlooking the hall, because I retained a somewhat bird’s-eye view of the proceedings inside.

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