city deck

There are a couple of other more substantial things that are just a tiny bit beyond the reach of my conscious memory, or that sometimes come right to the edge of it to touch it, but the one piece I can remember at this point, from shortly before I awoke, is of being with a few other people on maybe an elevated wooden deck over a city street with a gray, windowless building diagonally embedded in it; the building was supposed to be subdivided into apartments, which seemed to me like a fine idea, although someone wasn’t happy about it.

EDIT to add naptime dreams: I was running east fairly fast up an asphalt road on a long, somewhat gradual hill in NH. It was an early evening in the summer; the sides of the road were woods with lush greenery; everything was damp after a rain and it was cool and humid. Some of my friends were hanging around at the base of the hill, where another road, maybe a dirt road, forked to the right, as I ran by. Once I crested the hill, the view ahead and to the right opened up to a field that sloped down to woods a bit further away, with a far view out to the south. The dirt road paralleled the road I was on down the slope, and a road race finish zone came into view as I vexedly realized that I had missed a Sizzler race by being on this training run. I stopped in and learned from my dad that the race had started earlier than usual.

The other scene I remember, which may have followed just about directly from the above one, is that I was traveling south, maybe from the race location, to Peterborough, on a train, although the train was sort of immanent. There were some other people traveling with me. One or two of them were focused on a tiny (maybe 1cm) transparent puppy that one of them was holding, which needed surgery in order to be able to grow into a regular dog. I helped out with the surgery, which was painstaking, of course. We had to use polystyrene adhesive as a glue, which I had accidentally spilled on the main puppy caretaker without realizing. In and around this we arrived in Peterborough and I saw, just west of south in the sky, a fantastic candy-colored rainbow and a dramatic raincloud near it (it was or had been raining). There was a parking lot to the southeast and, across the tracks, a peach-colored sort of adobe-style building with an arcade that receded to the southwest with a rough carved, vaulted limestone ceiling. At one point I mistakenly perceived the ceiling as more sky effects. The train also went on to the next town to the south, Domodossola, which was an international border, which some of the passengers needed to cross over …to Italy??

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