The scene I remembered this morning was that I was going to a programming class for my 4th WU elective in the coming fall; it was at CV, with some CV people but maybe also WU people, in the computer/physiology wing (to the southeast, though the way to it started at the main hall going toward NW). I was really excited about it. The class contained lots of examples inexplicably focusing on English/French/German song lyrics, which were already being played in clips by the professor when I entered. He showed us a music video scene, which turned to us being there in person sitting on picnic tables, of a proud, haughty French beagle (which was actually a pug with a small head) standing next to a road through some fields, in the sunlight, and turning up his nose and barking and maybe dancing around. All of us found this hilarious. Later another example scene, which again I became immersed in, was a flyover animated rendering of, on a late hazy afternoon, a large building frame, and then of a matrix of dark green parasol-tents that covered over the ground in a honeycomb tiling; the tents were oscillating rather quickly in the breeze.

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