boat train car


  • on a sunny forenoon, I was with a bunch of people, I think WU people, on a motorboat, and we were boating along a pier that was roofed in one area. I think we were having some sort of class at the same time.
  • Maybe unrelatedly, I was in a history class, in a classroom (which stepped down toward the front), of WU and high school people, and we had to congregate into groups of about 8 for the purposes of some sort of exercise.
  • I was on a locomotive, with several people, that was open to the weather, and the workings of the locomotive, lots of pistons and other engine pieces, were all visible to the left of the sitting area. The operator had to pedal manually fairly constantly, providing acceleration with one pedal and lubricating the engine with what looked like antifreeze with another pedals; there may have been more pedals as well.
  • My parents and I were going to Maine from NH in August, to return just a couple of days before I went back to STL, and while we were packing up the car in the driveway (it was thin-cloud noon sunlight) my mom asked me if I was stressed about having to pack for STL in that short a time, to which I responded that I wasn’t, because I didn’t really have that much stuff to pack. (Of course IRL it would be a different matter.)

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