Barcelona scenes

A few snippets from last night, all more or less in Barcelona, all on a sunny mid-to-late afternoon, probably not in chronological order:

  • I picked up a special student edition of Keene Sentinel with a really elongated, wordy title that took up most of the top half of the front page; inside (which I saw before the front page) were a lot of pieces having to do with American government and the Founding Fathers, it seems;
  • in an art museum, a performance artist in brushed-metal armor comprising ribs that looked somewhat like a dinosaur skeleton, except they were flattened out to about a 1″x3″ cross section, walked on the ceiling;
  • there was an amusement park roller coaster along the city’s port promenade, which was grassier than IRL, and I realized it was an area of the east side of the ski slope of Jiminy Peak;
  • other stuff took place in a fusion between the eastern corner of Plaza Reial, where Carrer Nou de Sant Francesc starts, and fields and the woods bordering them, like Stone Hill in Williamstown. I think the aforementioned newspaper was there.

Thus ends the 3-year anniversary month of the JDDJ, with what must be the highest monthly volume of entries in quite a while. Barcelona: City of Dreams. Edit: Yes, in fact this (12) is the most entries of any month since November 2006. October 2006 holds the nigh-unbeatable record of 25 entries. Let’s see what’s in store coming up, though.

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