toast quest

Last night had some oddities:

  • I was in a big transit station or port or market or something like that, at any rate a big roofed but unwalled place, and somehow my head had been broken open and I was holding some bits of my brain. There didn’t seem to be any adverse effects, though, in terms of my mental capacity, nor did I notice any bleeding or pain or anything. I tried to get an ambulance via 112, as the brain pieces started hardening much like rigid foam insulation solidifies after being sprayed, and eventually an ambulance pulled up, but they took someone else into it and left me there. I was hopping mad at that point because it seemed like the brain pieces were hardening too much to stay viable. I don’t think the situation got resolved.
  • At another point, I was with the general public on a train with a cream-yellow interior with sunken floor areas by the doors that was heading northeast out of Barcelona on a gray drizzly day. It stopped at the next local station, the name of which started with O and had six letters, and I wanted to go to the bathroom but had to wait, of course, until it left the station.
  • Somewhere in a rather dark interior, maybe a corruption by my mind of the back of the Boqueria market, I was taking part in some sort of lunch competition, where I and a bunch of other people were making lunch dishes. I made a sandwich out of hamburger rolls and garlic butter; it may have been a triple-decker. We put the dishes in a row along the front of a sort of raised stage-like area with stage-like lights shining down on it. Although my intent was to toast my sandwich before consumption (although I took a bite of it raw anyway, which I realized was somewhat of a mistake), I somehow got it into someone else’s pot of savory soup. This was remedied when, in the passenger seat of a car at the edge of a parking lot at night, with some street or building lights shining in faintly, I put the sandwich into a toaster oven whose tiny door was in the ad space of a newspaper I was holding. The toaster was also in a different dimension because the back of the newspaper was normal.

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