Finally, from last night: the first thing I remember is that my dad and I were driving around in the Saab during late twilight, in an industrial park where the warehouses and containers were of multifarious multi deep saturated colors (probably inspired by the RL Barcelona port); there were downsloping dead ends and fences all around. We were trying to find the way out, and eventually rolled down a concrete slope and off a bit of a ledge at the northwest edge of the park to the open plain around it; one of the headlights cracked a little but that seemed to be unconcerning.

At another point, I was in a long house, running roughly north-south, the inside of which was submerged, intentionally, in about one meter of water; a number of people were there, maybe of an extended family, and they and I were all walking through the water with no concern. The surroundings outside were, I think, an open rocky plain, like the top of a mountain but stretched out to the whole flat landscape; the weather was maybe mostly cloudy. Just north of the house, there was a pair of infrared heaters mounted on tall poles, separated by about 20′, and they were pointed down at the north side of the house. I could clearly feel their radiation when I walked through its path.

In the same kind of landscape, but maybe not at the house, I was with WU people, some of the BCN group, some not; it was midday, with light-gray thin-cloud sunlight. I was trying out a skateboard and some rollerblades; I couldn’t figure out how to put the skateboard wheels in after taking the black plastic safety caps (which I initially thought were wheels until seeing that they didn’t rotate smoothly — they looked like the ineffective species of hard-plastic suitcase wheels) off the axles — there were some spring and spacer components that went inside the axles and I didn’t have the patience to figure it all out. That is all I remember.

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