ring hall

Next, from I think a nap, or maybe the night’s sleep, on June 23: I was in an apartment building that had a curious parking-garage-lane-like annular hallway space within it, which separated rooms inside the ring from those on the edge of the building. There were steep stairways around the inner edge of the ring inside and outside of the wall; the hall floor sloped down at its western extent toward the south; there was a leftover lenticular platform between the south part of the ring and the flat inner wall. The hallway had eateries on its outside edge, to the southwest, at the base of the sloped part, where I got a BBQish sub. A percussion rhythm was being played by hand by a group inside the inner apartment, as people from other apartments above it proceeded downstairs to go out for a celebration (catalyzed in my brain by the RL Verbena de Sant Joan, no doubt).

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