parakeet room

In a nap this afternoon, I dreamt that I was walking around the streets and interiors of northern Raval (which I had just been doing IRL), including the Boqueria, which was oddly empty and desolate, and also more walled-in than IRL; at one point I was hanging out in a smallish wood-walled room, with no windows but lit by some daylight coming in from another room through a door on the southwest corner of the room, and maybe around another side; there was also an incandescent light in the southeast corner. There were rungs on the wall, and maybe a caged or screened area along the wall as well, which served as the abode of a white parakeet. I think there were some little pet rodents there too, but I didn’t notice them as much, as I was mostly interacting with the parakeet — I sat down in the corner and put my hand out in greeting, as for a dog, and the parakeet stretched its wing out and softly batted my hand, like a curious handshake. Then maybe I talked to it for a while; maybe it talked back.

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