attic pool

Oops, waited till almost tomorrow to write this out. But I remembered a whole bunch of stuff this morning from last night’s dreams and wrote extensive notes down, so here we go:

  • In an early scene, it was a sunny, Augustish mid-to-late afternoon in a small German town with a mix of woods and fields extending right into the town; there was a tall multilevel building there built into a slope, with some trees just to its north, and it had entrances on different floors based on the slope. There was an open stairwell all up and down the building with lots of windows around and the sun coming in; in fact it seemed to take up the entire area of the building. In the same spot, later on, it was evening twilight, and there was an uphill winding road extending to the north from the vicinity of the multilevel building that some cars drove up along. At some time before or after that I and some other people were running along/down a terraced hill in the same area, back toward the southeast. There were also hills to the west, and fields to the south and southeast with woods beyond, including an area of woods that separated the south and southeast fields.
  • In a late scene, I was sort of parkouring (but really just climbing over railings) in a vaulted brick corridor/arcade and then an adjacent wallpapered grand room of an old building in some Barcelona-like city, with WXC people (Bill and Stephen, and maybe others). At that point it was bright midmorning sunlight, which reflected in to the arcade from the plaza to the northeast that it bounded; the fancy room was on the west side of the arcade and just to its south was a glazed door to another outside area, or at least a sunlit one, from the arcade.
  • In another late scene, maybe connected to the previous one, where again it was evening twilight, I was with a number of WU people in an attic of a Victorian house, with low, steep-pitched main and dormer roof ceilings, that was a pool-sized (but shallow) hot tub. Someone related the story (which became a direct scene) of a similar location they’d been in, or maybe it was a fashion show he was watching, where someone got burned when UV light shone on their underwear, with a reference to “Neptune” as having to do with the cause of the incident. Weird. In that scene, water was swirling around fast within the pool, and it was very dark. Later, the same people were departing from a parking lot in front of the house, in a dark purple minivan, to return home; I was saying goodbye to them till the fall or spring semester, depending on their study-abroad schedule, as it was the end of the summer session. This changed to me being in the minivan with them as it proceeded along and curved around on a NH highway, past the Hancock church, in the dusky evening.

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