Iran train

The only event I really remember was that I was on the train to Iran from maybe Barcelona (had Iran on the brain because of yesterday’s RL elections there). It was a funny blend of sunny daytime and dusk out, and the train seemed to be going at a leisurely pace through woods that looked like Maine. We reached Syria and maybe stopped for the night (and it still looked like Maine) and either there or in Iran itself, we (that is, my parents and I and maybe other people as well) were staying at a house or cabin in the woods. It appeared, to my chagrin, that the cabin’s electricity could not be turned on from 10PM to 8AM or something like that, which was about the time that we’d be spending the night there. However, that was fixed somehow. I also now remember going into a rustically styled convenience store, maybe on the way on that trip, with the cashier at the back of the store, and I wanted to maybe get a sandwich but it looked like all the sandwiches had meat, so I refocused on snacks.

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