high atrium

OK there’s several nights’ worth of dream scenes that I wrote down in a draft; here they are:

  • April 17: I was using Photoshop and within it was the image of a clock, which was fragmenting into little squares and redistributing.
  • April 18: Inside a building, I think, in a room long in the north-south direction with windows only to the west, there was what was essentially a concrete water slide along the east wall sloping to the south; people could slide down it, and were doing so, but the south wall of the room was near the end of the slide, so there wasn’t enough runout, seemingly, to keep from hitting the wall pretty hard; I forget whether that was actually happening, but it was a concern. At another point, I was in a nearly dark room with dark screens enclosing an area in the middle of the room.
  • April 20: I was in a city, probably Helsinki, on a north-south boulevard with maybe a narrow linear park in the middle or one side; it was sort of sleety weather in the early morning and passing trams were going very fast. Another draft note I have for this night is “two-elevator confusion in hotel,” but I can’t remember that scene at all from that, so there it is. In addition, in another scene, maybe still in the hotel, or in NH, my hair was buzzed quite short on the back and sides but rather long on top, similar to the RL hair of Kim-Ann Foxman of Hercules & Love Affair.
  • Then, from last night I remember a couple of things: first, staying with a WU group in a high-rise building in a city that had a big tall building-wide atrium on one of the higher floors; there were several floors of rooms overlooking it from the south side; we were hanging out in the atrium. In maybe a related scene, I was touring in a car through rural/suburban France, which, oddly enough, looked quite a bit like rural/suburban Finland.

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