I waited too long to write this down (and there are a number of other nights I should have written down dreams from recently too) because there were a number of scenes I remembered initially from last night’s dreams and now there’s only one that’s still clear: there was a large house in maybe the middle of nowhere but maybe an industrial zone somewhere, on a bright gray day, and it was maybe owned by the Family Matters family, and the first floor had quite high ceilings, probably about 12′. In the middle of the house was a wide hallway that was pretty much open to the other rooms, and smack in the middle of that was a backed circular seat, with a thin amount of upholstery and with the seat facing inward, that had been taped and re-covered in multitudinous ways over the years. Directly above it was a hole to the second floor, and there was a similar seat on that floor that surrounded the hole. A wash of sky light came through from above that.

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