Monthly Archives: April 2009

water shed

I remember a couple of maybe adjacent settings from last night:

  • the first one being quite distinctive: it was in a small park in a familiar city on a sunny afternoon, with buildings nearby to the south and west at least, and large trees with open grassy areas; sitting on the park lawn was a small shed (about 6′ square in plan and I guess about 7′ high, with a shallow lean-to roof) made of transparent plastic, filled up to all but about 1′ from the top with warm water that was being aerated in one corner, like an aquarium. And I was inside of it, just chillin’, with my bathing suit on. It was pleasant except that there wasn’t quite enough headroom (I kept my head above the water) to avoid bending my head. But it was sunny and warm and relaxing. Other people might have been walking by.
  • In perhaps even the building directly to the west, at another point but also on the sunny afternoon, the ground floor was occupied by a place that seemed to be maybe (from the atmosphere I recall, which has grown vague) be a pool and a library at the same time. Both the foyer in the northeast (toward maybe the park with the water shed) and the west side of the one large room (although the entry area was narrower than the pool part to the south) were fairly fully glazed with nice wood mullions, and the sun was streaming in from the west, all the way through and out the front glazing into the park. The north end of the room, though, just next to the entry area and the front desk, was darker since there were no windows to the north. The place was full of people enjoying the pool and maybe reading, I guess.


I waited too long to write this down (and there are a number of other nights I should have written down dreams from recently too) because there were a number of scenes I remembered initially from last night’s dreams and now there’s only one that’s still clear: there was a large house in maybe the middle of nowhere but maybe an industrial zone somewhere, on a bright gray day, and it was maybe owned by the Family Matters family, and the first floor had quite high ceilings, probably about 12′. In the middle of the house was a wide hallway that was pretty much open to the other rooms, and smack in the middle of that was a backed circular seat, with a thin amount of upholstery and with the seat facing inward, that had been taped and re-covered in multitudinous ways over the years. Directly above it was a hole to the second floor, and there was a similar seat on that floor that surrounded the hole. A wash of sky light came through from above that.


There are two scenes I remember at all well, which both were by lakes, and they are

  • a bunch of friends/schoolmates, I think, and I were at a cabin to the west of a lake, and there was a really quite steep grassy slope with some trees and rocks going from the cabin down to the lake, and the lake bed beyond the shoreline continued the sharp slope for the most part. It was a gray, cool, blustery, overcast day. Some people were planning to go swimming, myself among them, but one had to be careful on the climb down to the water.
  • I was at a low, rustic house in Finland, on some sort of moor, no other settlement visible anywhere, again on a gray blustery day, but maybe closer to twilight, and again there was a lake, again I think to the east, or maybe southeast, a bit of distance from the house. There was a point at which the family who lived in the house were in one of the rooms talking with an architect (maybe me, not sure) about altering a drawer within a built-in cabinet area — moving its position — and they had the cabinet laid out horizontally in the middle of the room like a table. Later I saw the cabinet, the work finished, in its normal location in the mudroom. I was going to use the house’s sauna and dip in the lake.

night train house

It’s all vague now, but I seemed to be on a train/house with mostly WU people riding southward, during dusk and nighttime, in maybe a pretty sparse, desert-like area. In the part I remember, some people were going to bed (the space was like a long living room with beds in addition to living room furniture) while some people were leaving for the night, to meet up again in the morning.