Monthly Archives: March 2009

maine road

It was a sunny warm afternoon and I was walking along the roads of a swank town in Maine, the name of which was quite clear while I was dreaming but has since faded. I got out to a more main road running roughly east-west, with an open field area to the south making for an extra-sunny area. There was a big map on a board by the road, and it showed that Temple was just three towns to the west right on that main road, which I was surprised but pleased about, since it meant that I could get there by walking. (Though that probably would have still been more than a dozen miles IRL, so that gives pause.) That’s it.

western vistas

I remember being on top of a north-south mountain ridge on a sunny late afternoon, with cool fresh air and a grand open area nested among tall evergreen trees, with a view out to the west; I was with at least my parents and maybe some other people. We had just arrived there, having come up the eastern slope. Later, perhaps in a connected scene, I was on a somewhat elevated part of a large open hilly land with wide views to the west, which might have been the land west of the initial mountain ridge. It was still late afternoon but seemed drier and summerier; there was a sprawling low building that seemed to contain gym facilities (and if there were other things, I’ve forgotten them) that was nestled further down. perhaps against another rise, less in the sun, and we were inside the building for a time.

late waking

I dreamt (and it was realistic, in that I was relieved when I woke up for real) that I woke up at 5PM, at home in NH; the weather was doing all kinds of subtly fantastic things, such as a reddish pastel late glow, low-lying mist (probably inspired by Colbert’s Doom Bunker, which I had watched before bed), and other things I’ve forgotten. I was embarrassed because it was almost dinnertime and peeved for missing most of the day. But then, as I said, I woke up IRL in Helsinki and it was 9-something AM.