animal walk

  • I was with a few acquaintances in a very large, light-colored hall (maybe about the size of a swimming pool hall) with light entering from clerestory windows, and there were translucent, light curtains hanging in a curve around a section of the hall from the ceiling, and there was maybe a raised platform within that section. There was a blackboard at one end of the hall. I was supposed to teach some students there how to calculate the area of an arbitrary triangle using the length of two of its sides (and the angle between the sides, I suppose). At least that was what it evolved into. The scene ended before I actually got the lesson done, though I think I started it, maybe.
  • The other scene I remember was a road going up a hill to the north, at nighttime, with bright moonlight, and small houses sprinkled on both sides of the road at a medium suburban density (like RL Antrim Rd just north of Norway Hill Rd). There was a cat on the left side of the road in a yard, and it started walking along with me up the road; then there was another cat somehow; one of them was fluffy with sort of woolly fur, and the other was average. I was maybe carrying one of them. Later, the cats weren’t there anymore, and I encountered a very large pigeon and a rather compact puppy, so that they were essentially the same height, walking together (probably inspired by the RL macaque/pigeon friendship).

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