Monthly Archives: February 2009

animal walk

  • I was with a few acquaintances in a very large, light-colored hall (maybe about the size of a swimming pool hall) with light entering from clerestory windows, and there were translucent, light curtains hanging in a curve around a section of the hall from the ceiling, and there was maybe a raised platform within that section. There was a blackboard at one end of the hall. I was supposed to teach some students there how to calculate the area of an arbitrary triangle using the length of two of its sides (and the angle between the sides, I suppose). At least that was what it evolved into. The scene ended before I actually got the lesson done, though I think I started it, maybe.
  • The other scene I remember was a road going up a hill to the north, at nighttime, with bright moonlight, and small houses sprinkled on both sides of the road at a medium suburban density (like RL Antrim Rd just north of Norway Hill Rd). There was a cat on the left side of the road in a yard, and it started walking along with me up the road; then there was another cat somehow; one of them was fluffy with sort of woolly fur, and the other was average. I was maybe carrying one of them. Later, the cats weren’t there anymore, and I encountered a very large pigeon and a rather compact puppy, so that they were essentially the same height, walking together (probably inspired by the RL macaque/pigeon friendship).

beach house

I seemed to be on a trip or a vacation with a fairly large group of friends/classmates; it seems like a fusion of the RL LA and Utö trips to a degree. We were staying in maybe a large cottagey house high up over a big west-facing beach; I was sleeping on a couch, or maybe in a room of my own, that has grown vague. Anyway, several days seemed to go by, and the apparently completely leisured time was divided between inside the house (which was filled with skylight, mostly from the west; the weather was clement), the outside/beach (maybe) and a large indoor pool, as big as an athletic pool, that was attached to the house.

glass frog

I haven’t been remembering dreams that well since coming to Finland, but I do remember from last night that (this is one piece of a larger scene that I originally remembered more of) there was a big frog sculpture made of smooth green glass that was in the backyard in NH, and I sat on it. There might have been space underneath it to hang out too. There were a bunch of people around, as if for some social event, and I know this had to do with the happenings of the wider scene. The day was sunny, and it was early afternoon with the sun very high up, I guess, like the lovely light from RL picnics there of old.