Well, it’s basically tomorrow already, yet here we are from last night:

  • I was in Minneapolis for some reason, going between a suburb several miles to its north, which was by an estuary in the sea that lay further to the north (a large dynamic map showed the situation). We stopped in at a Mexican-ish fast-food restaurant at dusk while driving south from the suburb to downtown, and I got a dish comprising large noodles with melted cheese and salsa or tomato sauce. Stick-to-the-ribs.
  • I was in my bedroom in a fusion of Medford and Hancock; it was a bright sunny morning, I’d just gotten up, and I was hailed by a set of Wms friends who were on the street outside and were walking to breakfast in Brighton. I tried to get ready fast enough to join them.
  • Possibly in the same scene, I had a dove in my room who lived in a cage that either had been Borne’s or was very similar; the dove had somewhat lighter plumage than Borne but looked very similar otherwise, and was quite affectionate, with a propensity to go into cooing and wing-tapping whenever petted.
  • At another point, it was a very gray day, and I was outside a Victorian-looking mansard-roofed but stucco-walled mansion, to its northwest, looking toward its north-facing entrance. There were some tall leafless (I think) trees around. I had a (safety-action) staplegun and aimed and fired it at the mansion several times; sometimes the staple hit the mansion on the upper reaches of the wall, with a small clatter, and sometimes it fell short in an over-steep parabola.

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