a.k.o. mass transit

This will be quick since it’s bedtime again now. Anyway:

  • I was staying in a one-story house that was long in the north-south direction; it was sort of like a long cabin, rustic and with a roof pitched about 45°. It was on a partly wooded, rural site, rather like the RL cabin in Maine, but just to the east, a few yards away, was a highway, also running north to south, and then on the other side was a major urban train station, seemingly inside a street block. Train tracks came out from the station, crossed the road, went through the house and out the other side and then curved quickly around toward the south. I didn’t think it was active, but then (it was a late summer afternoon) trains (Orange Line trains from the T) started coming through from the station every so often. This appeared to be a new connection, a more direct one to another station nearby, in order to ease commuter congestion.
  • At another point, it was twilight in the warm season and I was at a different — but possibly the same at some point — large train station, which was a big glazed, convexly curved building about 50′ tall. It sat on the north side of an east-west road, near an intersection with a perpendicular road to the west. It was a seemingly sprawl-zone site, and yet it was a major hub, for the Red Line (of the T again), the Orange Line, and maybe more lines. The grounds around it were all a luscious green lawn. I also recall there being some monkey bars or something on a tiny adjacent lot, and I was propelling myself unrealistically high into the air while swinging on them. I was also vexed that the small lot had just been sold to a guy who maybe wanted to put a house on it. There was maybe a little, though tall, white house at the north end of the lot already.
  • I was riding southbound on a schoolbus at night or late dusk; it was mostly dark inside it except for the back compartment, which lacked seats and was brightly lit by fluorescent lights, the light of which spilled forward to some degree. I think there were WU friends on the bus too, but it wasn’t at all full, and was maybe a short bus; I was wandering between the back area and the seats. There was some issue floating around about Karin Dreijer Andersson (of the Knife) and her son (don’t know if she has children IRL), too, maybe they were there or maybe someone was just talking about them. The memory was vague as soon as I woke up.

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