At one point I was riding north on a sidewalk in what seemed to be some sort of carriage, because it was open yet fairly high off the ground, with (I think) my parents, on a bustling shoppingy street of a mid-sized town called Cape Cod, that was maybe in Virginia. I ascertained that it was called Cape Cod because of the businesses that had Cape Cod in their names? It was an overcast but pleasant spring or summer day. Later, I was catching the T from Cape Cod to Newton Center, and the T entrance was in a building on the outside corner of where an eastward street turned north to become the street we were on before; at that point it was a sunny late afternoon.

A different scene was another transportation-centered one, where I was with some Wms and WU friends; we got into a curious floating, smallish wheelless wagon that had a semi-circular base and roof, some seats, and handles at the front and back, and was made of thick aluminum; it took us along a street (that seemed to be in LA), by an interesting modern-style housing project that was all white and black rectangular volumes, some of which bridged over upstairs open areas, and which looked really great lit with some warm light against the blue twilight. The far end of the housing had a weird kind of ornament that was a twisty frame of round white tubing infilled with translucent panels, and this morphed into a high-speed sort of railway near the ground that we got onto and that took us on a crazy curved path around a park/playground next to a woods (this might have been an interpretation of the MetroLink curve west of Clayton) (by this time it was mid-morning with a semi-dim sun) and then westward over a vista of deeply carved-out mesas and canyons with sediment layers of a wide range of earthy colors in far-southern Illinois.

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