Finally I remember something and all it took was tatting for an hour in the middle of the night. Anyway, there was this large dank cellar in a building that I and some other people were in (lit with fluorescent light like the cellar of our RL house), and on the north edge of it was a semicircular alcove that seemed really corroded, earthy, and wet. There was an exit through the alcove, toward the left side, but it had been almost entirely blocked off by a slab of similar rusty/earthy material. Later, I was in a large atrium sort of space in a building at Williams or WU or somewhere, which reached up through multiple floors and the walls of which were mostly composed of wood and glass. The western side faced out to an outdoor quad, the northern side was “behind the camera,” the eastern side bordered the multiple floors, and the base of the southern side was the blocked exit of the aforementioned cellar. It was twilight, moving into night, and the atrium was mostly lit near the base with white light, with some warmer light coming from small point lights around the ceiling. The floor of the atrium was rusty/earthy/rocky and there was a sort of stream flowing through it, which I think was the Los Angeles River, and it came from or went into the cellar. I accidentally floated up from the floor and got near the ceiling before I slowed down and was able to gain control and get back down to the floor.

After that, I was with some friends in a city somewhere and we went into a CVS-type store in a brick shopping plaza, and I think one of them wanted to shoplift something small, which I didn’t approve of, but I didn’t say anything because outright discussion would have brought suspicion down on all of us. Subsequently I was manning the cash register right by the entrance, and I gave a customer back $20, and he was supposed to give me some change back to bring the total return to $19-something, but he didn’t. All kinds of shady happenings.

The final thing I remember is of putting some spindly wooden Martin-Puryear-like gears together into a bicycle- or engine-like contraption, which then soared up into the brisk, windy, overcast sky over our field, and I along with it. Much more fantastic to recall than it seemed to be while it was happening.

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