museum spaceship

Whoa! New WordPress interface. Anyway:

  • One scene I dreamt last night had to do with being required to do a 1-minute swimming time trial in a lap pool that seemed to be in a sort of rustic living room, but there was another component of the situation where I had a final assignment to work on for some class, like a paper, that I needed to do.
  • The other scene I remember was that I and a few WU friends were in what seemed to be a big open space of a high-tech-style museum, with sun streaming in through a glazed wall to the east (there was glazing to the west too, but then opaque walls/ceilings in other places, curving sometimes). But the space wasn’t actually a museum space — it was a spaceship embedded in the museum! The bottom of the ship was the floor we were standing on, and the top of it was an invisible dome-shaped force field that had a rubber-like give to it. We took off and headed into outer space, and zoomed around a bunch of planets; I think there was one water planet that looked Earth-like (but maybe with less or no land) that I seem to remember us terraforming (or glacier-forming) as we swung by; at another point, there was a planet with discrete rings around it, each of the same thickness and separated from each other by about the same measure, and in a cylindrical rather than disc-like configuration; the rings were in the colors of the rainbow, sort of tacky plasticky-looking like the old Apple logo’s color. They might actually not have been complete rings but rather streams in a parabolic shape around the planet, but I’m not sure. Anyway, we flew down the center of one of the rings and split it into two thinner rings that stayed in the same general location; I seem to have pictured this from a distance, not from with the spaceship.

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