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Post-final-review 13.5h catchup sleep and of course many and varied dream scenes, but I now only really remember two of them. One was that I was riding in a car with my parents on a rural two-lane highway, maybe in Maine (but it wasn’t a recognizable area), going through fields and woods, and the flow of traffic was too fast for comfort at about 75 mph, with a lot of semis on the road. The other was watching a video of Daft Punk performing, except Thomas was just in normal clothes, not his spacebot outfit, and singing, while Guy was manning some turntables (as spacebot). This morphed into a situation where I was figuring out how to use digital vinyl on a turntable and discovering that different positions on the disc essentially played different pitches of an organ-like bass synthesizer.

museum spaceship

Whoa! New WordPress interface. Anyway:

  • One scene I dreamt last night had to do with being required to do a 1-minute swimming time trial in a lap pool that seemed to be in a sort of rustic living room, but there was another component of the situation where I had a final assignment to work on for some class, like a paper, that I needed to do.
  • The other scene I remember was that I and a few WU friends were in what seemed to be a big open space of a high-tech-style museum, with sun streaming in through a glazed wall to the east (there was glazing to the west too, but then opaque walls/ceilings in other places, curving sometimes). But the space wasn’t actually a museum space — it was a spaceship embedded in the museum! The bottom of the ship was the floor we were standing on, and the top of it was an invisible dome-shaped force field that had a rubber-like give to it. We took off and headed into outer space, and zoomed around a bunch of planets; I think there was one water planet that looked Earth-like (but maybe with less or no land) that I seem to remember us terraforming (or glacier-forming) as we swung by; at another point, there was a planet with discrete rings around it, each of the same thickness and separated from each other by about the same measure, and in a cylindrical rather than disc-like configuration; the rings were in the colors of the rainbow, sort of tacky plasticky-looking like the old Apple logo’s color. They might actually not have been complete rings but rather streams in a parabolic shape around the planet, but I’m not sure. Anyway, we flew down the center of one of the rings and split it into two thinner rings that stayed in the same general location; I seem to have pictured this from a distance, not from with the spaceship.

rural roads: a leitmotiv

Oops, there are a few notes on dreams I had maybe a couple of weeks ago that I had in a draft here, so here they are:

  • I was driving through a beautiful, woodsy/fieldsy part of rural Pennsylvania on a sunny afternoon, and I came to a rotary (of gravel roads) with distinguished tall pines adjacent. I continued eastbound, going down a small slope just after the rotary; the road was bordered by a very large field to the north, with a row of trees in front of it. While I was still in sight of the rotary, I realized this was the wrong direction and made a U-turn, returning to the rotary.
  • I was in a great flat field area that looked like a flat part of Bern Canton, midday or early afternoon on a cloudless, sunny, summery day. The road (a dirt road) turned 90° to the right twice within about 100 yd, so that I think I ended up going west whereas I had approached the area from the west. The road may have turned back south, but I stayed there because I found a building model in progress (there might have been people there who instructed me to help out with it) and I proceeded to help paint some black screen material white, to sand something, and to paint something (maybe what I sanded) blue. I don’t remember the specifics of this too well, as my notes aren’t that helpful.
  • I was at school with all the usual people, but the building was quite different – the bathroom, for instance, had rustic, warm wood stall partitions illuminated by crystalline incandescent light, and I think the partitions were diagonal to the back wall, like diagonal parking spaces. There was a (possibly celebratory) assembly happening presently, and the assembly hall, east-facing, was detailed with similar materials and lighting. There was lots of commotion around the school, too, I think because a review was incipient as well. It was right around sunset, so once I sat down in the assembly hall, I looked out the windows to the east and saw a deep dark blue sky but then bright red late sunlight on a building face visible outside, with the sunlight coming from the northwest.

Also, last night:

  • I was driving around western Peterborough on a lovely sunny fall afternoon and went up what seems to correspond to Windy Row from Union St (neither of which I’ve thought about whatsoever for longer than I can remember), but it was a dead-end road to a couple of farmhouses up on a south-facing hill, with a clearing on the slope but nearby trees shading the western edge of the clearing where the road was. I think this was triggered by this excellent and familiar-sounding Something Awful front-page article.
  • I was in a small city near a volcano, maybe in the Caribbean somewhere, and I was with a number of people I knew in a ranch house on a commercial-sprawl street corner northwest of the volcano. It (the volcano) blew its lid dramatically, and although it seemed as though we could easily be in the path of the exploding material, nothing adverse happened where we were, except possibly for a strong wind, which I vaguely recall scattering kids’ plastic toys on the road. I think it had been a sunny afternoon but turned dark as night with the smoke clouds from the volcano; or it might have actually turned into nighttime.