Monthly Archives: November 2008

winter woods

The scene I remember from an extensive pair of sleeps last night is that a bunch of WU friends and I were out in a snowy, rolling woods/fields landscape, hiking around. It was maybe partly sunny, with the sun low in the sky, or maybe it was cloudy. Someone had a couple of golden retrievers, and whoever that was hiked away to some distance away from us, but we still had the dogs with us, but we let them go and they sprinted away back toward their owner after some circling around. A bunch of other WU people came along running, and I joined them on the run; there were some non-snow-covered surfaces that I gravitated toward for the running since the footing was better. The scene was inconclusive.


Disco. That’s all I remember, I was listening to some great space disco track at some point in last night’s dream.