Obama time

As I was planning to attend the Obama rally at the Arch today, I dreamt about it last night, and the scene I still recall is being in the early sunny morning in a dale with a small east-flowing river and fields for a distance away from it before the woods on either side, with a golden morning-hazy view far to the east, and way out there the rally was happening, and for some reason we were stuck back where we were to watch it, but I could still see Obama through binoculars, so it worked out; it’s unclear why we had to be so far back when much of the intervening land was desolate. At any rate, I did IRL get to the Obama rally, which was pretty sweet (and I was closer in than in the dream, though Obama was still a bit difficult to see, so it was good he was wearing a white shirt), and was thus part of an I think record-breaking crowd?

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