mountain winds

Coupla scenes from a 12h sleep:

  • I was with my parents hiking on a partly wooded, partly open west-facing mountainside in Switzerland, with another slope rising up nearby from the other side of the valley; I think the trees had lost their leaves, and there might have been some snow on the ground, but the temperature was mild. We were walking north more or less along a contour. Ahead of us, cloudy air was rising perpendicularly away from the slope and swirling into a curved wall of gray cloud overhead. To the southwest, it was slightly brighter, but not direct sun. Then suddenly the wind changed to blowing sharply downslope, and we had to avoid some shrubby branches that were blown down from the ridge.
  • Some WU friends and I got in line, outside, to get Saturday brunch at Mission; there were two lines, and they were both long, but one of the lines was getting carded in at an outside station (on the west side of the hill) and the other was getting carded in inside and was moving faster, so we got into the latter one and went right on in. It was an overcast day. The interior of the dining hall was dark wood, more like RL Driscoll, and was rather cavernous, with the food stations really spread out and not that much daylight around despite a large window area, because of the dark walls.

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