cliff cabin

Two nights ago, during a 14h sleep:

  • I was in a cabin-sized shelter atop a very high cliff dropping off toward the south, with a couple other people; the shelter was open toward the cliff edge, which it was only a few feet away from. Then there was a middle-aged guy wearing a parachute who jumped off the cliff and floated around with the parachute. It was late afternoon and quite brisk and windy.
  • I found a small gourmet cut of steak au jus in a clear, hermetically sealed plastic package in the pages of the Encyclopedia Americana, included as, I guess, a “live illustration” of the accompanied article. I tasted a bit of the steak (despite the encyclopedia being 20 years old, the steak looked fine) and it was tasty, but I knew that any more than a single taste would probably give me indigestion, so I passed it off to somebody else to check out (and/or eat).
  • Upstairs in our house in NH, a renovation had been done, to open the whole area horizontally and vertically, so that all the roof angles were now visible and lots of nice light was coming in all round; the northern part of the space had rounded vertical soft-wood moldings on jutting wall corners and columns, so that there were no sharp corners to be pained by. I remarked, since those were a later idea, that this was a great example of adaptation toward optimal design over a period of time (like Chris Alexander’s idea of unfolding).

Last night: the one image really sticking in my mind is that I was in an old house in Peterborough, in the pantry next to the kitchen, which had a “root cellar” underneath that was really a shallow (~1′ deep) chamber just below the floor that was covered with hatches made of spaced square wood slats, so that you could see into it, and lined with the same kind of wood, a rich, orange-shaded kind. There was direct, clear sunlight (like that hitting me right now IRL) shining into the root cellar from the west window (the room was maybe 12′ N-S and only about 4′ E-W, and there was a door and a window on the west side and an opening into the kitchen on the south side), and it lit up the wood gorgeously, especially when I held a blank white piece of paper next to it to catch the sun more intensely. This gives me some material ideas for my studio project.

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