book vault

One scene was where I went with a bunch of other WU people into a tall, narrow barrel-vaulted room that was daylit from the south; the vaults were augmented with shelf-like ribs — or rather rib-like shelves, because the whole vault, plus maybe the walls, was stacked with books, that somehow were holding themselves up there by friction like stones of an arch, or maybe by skyglue. At another point we went into a different library room (maybe in the same building) with larger windows on the east and south walls, and a bunch of tables with chairs in the middle of the room. We all browsed around for a while, and I noticed a perhaps small magazine that was lamenting on its cover the rapid loss of knowledge of monster names (I think its byline was “It’s much worse than we thought” and it had a wintry scene on the cover), and I became rather upset about this fact.

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