south view

15-hour (a record) catchup sleep — I hope not to have to do too many more of those this semester. However, it did result in numerous vivid dream scenes, which though have as usual faded to sort of colorful blurs in my memory over the hours I’ve been awake. One setting I remember is a south-facing sloped yard with a view out; the house or cabin was just uphill to the north or west, with woods beyond in all directions, but maybe some more fields just below to the south. Where I and a bunch of WU classmates were sitting or standing around was a bare patch of rich, dark earth, and we were doing something specific, maybe listening to somebody addressing the group, but I forget the exact situation. It was mid- to late afternoon, with some gauzy clouds in the sky, but with sun shining through. If I remember any more scenes than this, I’ll amend this post.

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