Faust collection

Two things I remember from last night’s dreams:

  • At home in NH, there were a number of people we didn’t know walking around in the backyard, maybe about 6 after we discovered them all. We were suspicious when looking at them from inside the house, but when we went outside and talked to them, they turned out to be pretty okay. I don’t remember if the overall reason they were there was clear, but one guy (they were all middle-aged, of mixed gender) built a curving low brick border at the southeast corner of the yard, extending from the sunporch. This all happened during the afternoon, I think, in the summer, with it maybe partly overcast but with some sun.
  • In a windowless, largish room that seemed to be like one in my high school — cinder block walls painted yellowy-beigy or maybe just gray — there were CDs for sale, I guess, and I picked up a Faust CD collection in a transparent, thick (there were several discs included) CD-cover-sized box, with the top CD being red, but it cost 67 (British) pounds, which was too much for me to afford.

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