porch repair

One scene last night concerned the building across the street from my apartment building, which was (and is IRL) another 6-apt building. The front face of the stacked porches on its east side, which was wooden, fell (just tipped forward) clean away, luckily without injuring anyone or compromising the structural integrity of the building. Ben (who was living in the 3rd-floor apartment affected) and I set to work putting the fallen face back in place, with the help of nails and caulk. Although the scene had begun in the afternoon on the street as normal, it eventually seemed as though the street was actually interior, and the outside of the building was lit by artificial lights.

Another scene, possibly set within the same building, was that my high school band, or a sort of reunion of same from approximately when I was in it, was playing a tune, everyone standing up (but I wasn’t playing an instrument, just hanging out there), and it was really well done, so well that the band director (who looked like Eric Roberts, I think) was getting a little emotional about it. This was in some sort of high-ceilinged subterranean concrete room. Perhaps after that, maybe not connected with it, I was outside the same building at night, and a few other people were around too, and the building was just inside the West Bank, with the building next door, plus the opposite side of the street, in Israel. Just west on the street a little ways was Gaza. There was no political tension in evidence, though.

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