lawn times

First, the night before last, I dreamt of welcoming back a carload of friends who had just returned from the Helsinki semester, except they were Wms friends rather than WU. They said the experience had been OK. We were in a large open area in a town somewhere; the sun seemed to be to the north, and it was a pleasant mild day.

I remember a few things from last night’s dreams:

  • There was a big highway intersection with a large bus stop (with room for about 3 schoolbuses) on the west side of the road to the north. I (and maybe some people with me) caught a northbound bus; all the buses around (there were many, all schoolbuses) were full of people and it was a pretty chaotic scene. It was a gray day. Soon we disembarked and returned to the bus stop on a southbound bus, I think, because I didn’t actually know where we had been trying to go.
  • I was with a bunch of people on a lawn by the edge of a lake to our north and east, with some shrubs and trees separating the lawn from the water. Some Cessna prop planes flew by over the lake, prompting nostalgia from some of the onlookers. One guy went out swimming in the lake but I think he turned into a tomato-colored fish that danced on the water’s surface. I think it was sunny, mid-afternoon, but there were dark clouds in the sky too.
  • I was sitting around with a few people on a different lawn, one flanked by woods to the north but with a long view in the other directions, of rolling hills, partly wooded and partly grassy, one hill to the south being the edge of a distant golf course. There were no buildings visible anywhere. There was a small field adjacent to the lawn we were on where a crowd of young kids were playing wiffleball with surprising intensity. I only noticed this when a wiffleball flew toward us and I initially thought it was a golf ball from the golf course. The sun was behind clouds, although maybe there was some blue sky about as well. It was hazy.
  • I have a vaguer memory of riding westward on a road in a winter landscape covered by deep snow all over, with a cabin to the north that was maybe our destination. It was after sunset and the sky was clear, so everything was blue-purple.

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