Cambridge walk

Since, as has often been happening this summer, I am writing this the evening after the dreams to be described, most memories have faded, and the post time also looks like tomorrow because of the Greenwich timestamp. Anyway, the one scene I remember is that I was in the Harvard area, up by Garden St and Concord Ave, and I was maybe walking back toward Medford. I decided to go through the Radcliffe quads (which, in the dream, were directly west of Mass Ave and were solidly built-around like the Yard — I guess maybe this is a bit true IRL anyway? I don’t know), parallel to Mass Ave, to get back to Porter (which, in the dream, was the northwest edge of the Yard). It was after dark at that point, and when I entered the first quad it was sharply forelit by a single central elevated light, so that I could hardly see anything around me. I was a bit apprehensive about muggers etc, but nothing came of that. I passed through into a second quad to the north and there was either twilight visible or better artificial lighting, so that it was much easier to see around. In both quads there were a number of people walking around similar to daytime. I saw some Brutalist buildings and was interested by them. Then I emerged out onto Porter, where it was a stark, bright, crisp (almost wintry) midmorning, and the Carpenter Center was to the southeast, and I was of half a mind to go check it out. I think maybe I did, because I also have a memory of being in an arcade to the east of Mass Ave in the same day conditions.

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