roof plates

I’ve reset the writing cycle by not bothering to update for a while. I had vivid dreams last night but have already forgotten them to a large extent. I do, though, remember:

  • being at a construction site (or actually at first I was watching video set at a construction site, but my own setting smoothly shifted in one level) at 7AM, with the sun low and orange to the left, where some steel plates on the top of a flat roof were being rotated off their connections by what looked like small backhoe buckets that somehow cinched onto the plates. This happened with three plates (with a rig of three buckets) at a time. Some of the plates were difficult to unscrew, and at one point there was one that would take a huge amount of force to move, and we had to take cover in case it eventually flew off or broke explosively. I went under a nearby bus (by now the sun was in the same direction but it was late afternoon). I think people were supposed to go further than that, but I didn’t bother. Nothing untoward happened.
  • I was with my upcoming studio section and instructor in a tall public room of a great big house with sectional variety. I don’t know whether we were residing there or had studio there or what.

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