Monthly Archives: July 2008

porch repair

One scene last night concerned the building across the street from my apartment building, which was (and is IRL) another 6-apt building. The front face of the stacked porches on its east side, which was wooden, fell (just tipped forward) clean away, luckily without injuring anyone or compromising the structural integrity of the building. Ben (who was living in the 3rd-floor apartment affected) and I set to work putting the fallen face back in place, with the help of nails and caulk. Although the scene had begun in the afternoon on the street as normal, it eventually seemed as though the street was actually interior, and the outside of the building was lit by artificial lights.

Another scene, possibly set within the same building, was that my high school band, or a sort of reunion of same from approximately when I was in it, was playing a tune, everyone standing up (but I wasn’t playing an instrument, just hanging out there), and it was really well done, so well that the band director (who looked like Eric Roberts, I think) was getting a little emotional about it. This was in some sort of high-ceilinged subterranean concrete room. Perhaps after that, maybe not connected with it, I was outside the same building at night, and a few other people were around too, and the building was just inside the West Bank, with the building next door, plus the opposite side of the street, in Israel. Just west on the street a little ways was Gaza. There was no political tension in evidence, though.

lawn times

First, the night before last, I dreamt of welcoming back a carload of friends who had just returned from the Helsinki semester, except they were Wms friends rather than WU. They said the experience had been OK. We were in a large open area in a town somewhere; the sun seemed to be to the north, and it was a pleasant mild day.

I remember a few things from last night’s dreams:

  • There was a big highway intersection with a large bus stop (with room for about 3 schoolbuses) on the west side of the road to the north. I (and maybe some people with me) caught a northbound bus; all the buses around (there were many, all schoolbuses) were full of people and it was a pretty chaotic scene. It was a gray day. Soon we disembarked and returned to the bus stop on a southbound bus, I think, because I didn’t actually know where we had been trying to go.
  • I was with a bunch of people on a lawn by the edge of a lake to our north and east, with some shrubs and trees separating the lawn from the water. Some Cessna prop planes flew by over the lake, prompting nostalgia from some of the onlookers. One guy went out swimming in the lake but I think he turned into a tomato-colored fish that danced on the water’s surface. I think it was sunny, mid-afternoon, but there were dark clouds in the sky too.
  • I was sitting around with a few people on a different lawn, one flanked by woods to the north but with a long view in the other directions, of rolling hills, partly wooded and partly grassy, one hill to the south being the edge of a distant golf course. There were no buildings visible anywhere. There was a small field adjacent to the lawn we were on where a crowd of young kids were playing wiffleball with surprising intensity. I only noticed this when a wiffleball flew toward us and I initially thought it was a golf ball from the golf course. The sun was behind clouds, although maybe there was some blue sky about as well. It was hazy.
  • I have a vaguer memory of riding westward on a road in a winter landscape covered by deep snow all over, with a cabin to the north that was maybe our destination. It was after sunset and the sky was clear, so everything was blue-purple.

Cambridge walk

Since, as has often been happening this summer, I am writing this the evening after the dreams to be described, most memories have faded, and the post time also looks like tomorrow because of the Greenwich timestamp. Anyway, the one scene I remember is that I was in the Harvard area, up by Garden St and Concord Ave, and I was maybe walking back toward Medford. I decided to go through the Radcliffe quads (which, in the dream, were directly west of Mass Ave and were solidly built-around like the Yard — I guess maybe this is a bit true IRL anyway? I don’t know), parallel to Mass Ave, to get back to Porter (which, in the dream, was the northwest edge of the Yard). It was after dark at that point, and when I entered the first quad it was sharply forelit by a single central elevated light, so that I could hardly see anything around me. I was a bit apprehensive about muggers etc, but nothing came of that. I passed through into a second quad to the north and there was either twilight visible or better artificial lighting, so that it was much easier to see around. In both quads there were a number of people walking around similar to daytime. I saw some Brutalist buildings and was interested by them. Then I emerged out onto Porter, where it was a stark, bright, crisp (almost wintry) midmorning, and the Carpenter Center was to the southeast, and I was of half a mind to go check it out. I think maybe I did, because I also have a memory of being in an arcade to the east of Mass Ave in the same day conditions.

pole barn

Vivid dreams in a catchup sleep last night, but most of the scenes have faded; I only really remember

  1. being at a large pole barn in a clearing in Hancock that was ell-shaped in plan and had a complex agricultural setup with numerous arrays of watering tubes and other seemingly hydroponic contraptions. Pretty cool. It was a sunny midday. The clearing had an open exit lane to the north.
  2. being on a south-facing wooded slope (fairly spaced-out trees, bare or at least brown-grayish ground) with some temple-like building at the top, maybe a pagoda; there was a main gravel path on the slope that led straight downhill from the central entrance of the temple, and at least one other, narrower, path that crossed the main path at an angle.

roof plates

I’ve reset the writing cycle by not bothering to update for a while. I had vivid dreams last night but have already forgotten them to a large extent. I do, though, remember:

  • being at a construction site (or actually at first I was watching video set at a construction site, but my own setting smoothly shifted in one level) at 7AM, with the sun low and orange to the left, where some steel plates on the top of a flat roof were being rotated off their connections by what looked like small backhoe buckets that somehow cinched onto the plates. This happened with three plates (with a rig of three buckets) at a time. Some of the plates were difficult to unscrew, and at one point there was one that would take a huge amount of force to move, and we had to take cover in case it eventually flew off or broke explosively. I went under a nearby bus (by now the sun was in the same direction but it was late afternoon). I think people were supposed to go further than that, but I didn’t bother. Nothing untoward happened.
  • I was with my upcoming studio section and instructor in a tall public room of a great big house with sectional variety. I don’t know whether we were residing there or had studio there or what.