wax paper sidewalk

Well, sharp vexations, here I am for the third time in a row only getting to this late at night. Some interesting dreams last night:

  • I was looking east at the west end of a flat, rectangular town square or street (in the US somewhere) on a wintry midday, maybe actually from inside a building; it was snowing hard, and the clouds were low and scudding and moving fast, but were full of gaps so that the sun was often out despite the snowing; it was a gale-force north wind. The front of the building on the south side of the square, which included some sort of steeple but was mostly flush all the way up, began to give way in the wind, racking back and forth quickly, and eventually perhaps the steeple collapsed and window panels peeled away. I remember being awed in an entertained way rather than a fearful way, and thinking about what we’d learned in Structures about lateral loads such as wind.
  • Around WU, probably on the south side of Forsyth, an enormous roll of wax paper had been laid down, covering the sidewalk exactly. I proceeded, on an afternoon, to do the crawlstroke going east on the sidewalk just because the low friction of the wax paper allowed me to. Perhaps in the same scene, I looked up high in the sky toward the west and there were some large, diffuse clouds, but they were giving way to a spectacularly starry firmament. There was still glowing daylight in the southwest. An airplane went by, low to the ground so that it appeared large, although it was behind the clouds — so maybe it was actually enormous. I caught sight of a few meteors as well.
  • I was doing Structures homework, which filled the view of my mind’s eye, but in the vicinity were some friends who were talking and joking around, and I also seemed to be making a sandwich, which was in view in front of the homework paper; it involved slices of tomato between layers of sliced onions, and maybe olive oil, and presumably something proteinaceous. There was standing water in a dent in the top piece of bread in the bag. That was kind of gross.

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