blue blazes

A few pieces from last night — there were a lot more floating around yesterday morning as I was in the waking-up haze, but they faded, leaving only these:

  • I was at a place that recurs in my dreams, and aware of the fact that it was a recurring place: a patch of woods up on the summit of a hill that Duncan Rd went over (invariably different from RL) that sometimes seems to divide the road; but this time it was a very small stand of trees and it was quasi-inside a library. (I was also aware of this contrast from its usual state.) I think I was on a run and had paused in the stacks for a bit, maybe to look at books, and was about to set off again. It seemed to be earlyish morning, about 8AM, and sunny. The library was more enclosed on the north side than the south side (the stacks were on the north side of the trees), though the boundaries were vague. Also there was a fantastical map, or perhaps a series of them, that were hand-painted by Kanye West, and I watched a video (although it seemed almost like I was actually there) of Kanye painting the first map in the series. There was some element of real-life countries being moved to a different location; he used careful, thick black lines for demarcating certain boundaries, and I noticed the elegant lettering. The colors were vivid yet subtle. I think I noticed some specific place names as well, but I’ve long since forgotten them.
  • I was on the ground floor of a 16th-century old wooden house somewhere else in Hancock, maybe at the northwest end of the Antrim/Mill Rd corner. Its level was a few steps down from the street level. I was in the eastern of two large spaces, this one low-ceilinged, the other high-ceilinged, that were almost entirely open to each other but for a beam separating them and possibly a slight change in floor level. Again, it was morning. I went out a door to the south (that led out onto the front yard or the street) and apparently it was only an emergency exit, because it set off an alarm, albeit a quiet one that was just an unabrasive tone repeated about once a second, although that frequency increased and decreased a few times in multiples. The door one was supposed to use was on the west side of the western half of the space, where a lot of sunlight was shining down from clerestory windows. Woods were on that side of the house, so there must have been a side path from the front yard to that door.
  • I was running westish on Rte 16 in Medford, between Auburn St and Boston Ave, on a late afternoon, and I took a right turn onto a rural-looking road that I figured would lead toward Arlington. It quite quickly turned into a hilly, rocky hiking trail in the forest that was marked by blue tree blazes. Other trails led away from it, one of them downhill to the northeast. The trail just kept going uphill, and I may have woken up out of it before I could decide what to do about that.

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