Table of Asia

From the previous night, going to bed right after I write this to start it all over:

  • I was looking at a bench, possibly to purchase, and the back folded down to make an arm like on the sides, and perhaps was matched by an arm that folded out in front. Anyway, I sat up on the bench, which was outside and facing south, while I looked to the sun, which was in the west with some gauzy clouds around it. I discovered that the bench allowed me to control the redness and blueness (independently from each other) of the sky and sun by shifting my arms and legs.
  • I was looking on Googmaps, apparently, at South America, and I noticed that the Andes narrowed and lowered down almost to a point at a northern location along the border between Chile and Argentina. I zoomed way in and discovered that this very low pass was a small square area called the “Table of Asia,” and there was a panorama view (like Street View, though that didn’t show up as an option) that allowed me to see that to the east and west were puddly and stony plains, while the mountains rising up to the north and south were occluded by large boulder piles at their bases.
  • I was at school with a bunch of classmates and we were working on homework that needed to be completed before the start of the semester. It was after dark, or maybe it was just a very dark afternoon. At one point a mattress was moved from one location to another, as had happened before the start of the previous school year, for some reason.

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