Snippet from a nap: It was mid-afternoon, partly sunny, possibly after a recent rain, probably spring or fall because the sun was fairly low, and there was some sort of event I was going to be involved with at 6PM in which everyone was supposed to make a window (maybe multiple windows), the mullions seemingly out of thick PVC sheet and the panes maybe out of colored transparent (thickish, but thinner than the PVC) plastic. It got to be 4:30 because I was preoccupied with other things such as twirling a smallish window screen (like for a casement sash) around my finger and enjoying the precessions it made. So all of a sudden I realized I was pretty much out of time, and I rode my motorcycle (I don’t IRL have a motorcycle nor desire one) with a friend over to a shedlike building next to the church, which I think is where the window installation was going to be happening, and I parked the motorcycle (or SUV, as it had seemed to become) up too close to the shed for my friend to be able to get out of the vehicle easily, as it was hard to judge the extent of the front of it on the right side. Neal was there and we talked to him, and I don’t remember anything actually being resolved about the windowmaking.

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