puddly clearing

This is from last night and will look a day late, but Anyway. I only have some small vignettes in mind still, that are connected; both are part of a time when I was on a run through a wilderness area on a sunny late morning. At one point I was in a wide flat clearing surrounded by woods, although perhaps there was a view to the west, and the clearing was covered with low grass and had shallow puddles and pools of standing water, which I had to avoid as best I could while running in a generally northerly or northwesterly direction. I have the feeling that the clearing was a plateau, although the immediately surrounding woods were at the same level, and that in some places it might have been more limestoney than grassy, possibly in a manmade way, but all mostly in the same ground plane or thereabouts. The other part I remember is being in the woods — probably the woods adjacent to the clearing — and scuttling down through a small bouldery formation from a higher level to another level of the forest floor a couple of feet lower, toward the west.

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